The Benefits of becoming a member

  • Representation of the profession on other professional bodies.
  • A communication conduit for the mining industry which helps to remove barriers and promote interaction to facilitate the transfer of knowledge and ideas between people from different operations.
  • A forum for the dissemination and publication of technical presentations and papers.
  • Recognise safety achievements of its members.
  • A system that enables members to obtain the necessary requirements to satisfy application for professional status.
  • An opportunity for continuous professional development.
  • As a member of the Association, you are expected to adhere to the Association's Code of Conduct.

Membership classes

There are five classes of membership of the Association as set out below:

Ordinary Members
Ordinary Members are nominated by the senior manager of each mine.
A person can be an ordinary member with or without voting rights.
Voting rights are allocated according to the tonnage produced by each mine:
  • Up to 55 000 tons per month – one vote
  • Between 55 000 and 180 000 tons per month – two votes
  • Between 180 000 and 270 000 tons per month – three votes
  • Over 270 000 tons per month – one extra vote for each additional
  • 100 000 tons per month or part thereof.
Ordinary members with voting rights may vote for council membership.
Associate Members
Associate Members may attend General Meetings including the Annual General Meeting, plus all Technical visits arranged by the Association.
Associate Members have no voting rights, but may take part in discussions.
Honorary Associate Members
The Council may elect any Ordinary Member who has ceased to participate in the active management of a mine as an Honorary Associate Member of the Association. Honorary Associate Members may attend General Meetings and take part in the discussions, but they shall not have the right to vote.
Honorary Life Members
The Council may elect to Honorary Life Membership of the Association any person whose service to the Association, in the opinion of the Council, merits such action. Honorary Life Members may attend General Meetings and take part in discussions, but they shall not have the right to vote.
Junior Associate
A Candidate for election to the class of Junior Associate must be studying for a mine manager’s certificate and satisfy the following conditions:
  1. Have obtained a B.Sc. (mining) Eng. degree or a National Diploma in metalliferous mining;


  2. Have obtained the A part of a Manager’s certificate
A Junior Associate may not vote, neither is he/she eligible for Council, but they may participate in General Meetings of the Association and attend Technical Visits.
A Junior Associate, on ceasing to be employed in mining, shall automatically cease to be a member of the Association unless the Council decides otherwise.
A Junior Associate shall cease to be a member after three years if he/she has failed to pass his/her mine manager’s certificate.
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About Us

The Association of Mine Managers of Zimbabwe

 Members of the Association are qualified people who are, or have been, employed in senior operational positions in the mining industry, with statutory responsibility for a significant part of the operation where employed.

The Association provides an opportunity for persons in such positions to discuss matters of common interests, attend and participate in technical seminars etc to maintain competencies, provide support to peers and influence industry outcomes.

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